Scientific Fraud: Propaganda in Scientific Clothing

Have you ever noticed that scientific "facts" reverse or flip-flop from time to time? Not that long ago, "science" said that smoking was healthy for us. Indeed, physicians used to regularly prescribe smoking for weight loss and digestive ailments; during such time, medical journals were replete with cigarette ads declaring: More doctors smoke Camels® than any other cigarette.… Continue reading Scientific Fraud: Propaganda in Scientific Clothing

Why was caring for the dying so tough? (It’s not what you think!)

I'm young at heart, but I have always been an old soul. As a child, my favorite people were my elderly paternal grandparents and people their age or older. So, it's no wonder, really, that I gravitated toward caring for dementia, geriatric, and hospice patients as a registered nurse. Death is sacred. Seeing someone take… Continue reading Why was caring for the dying so tough? (It’s not what you think!)